Merging cultures, emerging artists

The Montmartre Dionysia is an annual festival of Englishlanguage performing arts in Paris.
For an entire week every March, audiences are invited to enjoy a selection of the best shows the English-speaking theatre world has to offer, as well as workshops & other events hosted by local & international theatre practitioners.

Our vision

Paris is one of the world’s great theatrical cities, & English is the most widely-used language in theatre, yet French- & English-language theatre practitioners are isolated from one another.  And it’s not just them: between the 200,000 English-speaking expats living in Paris, & the growing portion of Parisians who speak excellent English, there is now enough of an audience for an English-language performing arts festival.
So the Montmartre Dionysia gives both these groups what they’re looking for, by providing a platform for merging cultures & emerging artists.  By importing shows from abroad, producing our own shows & organising workshops, the festival aims to bring original work to new audiences & to enable practitioners from different backgrounds and fields to learn from each other.

Our history

In 2013, founder Albert Alla wanted just to put on a few plays in his living room.  With a growing interest & community, he sourced a larger venue, recruited some help & started a new writing festival with playwrights entering their short pieces & a selected jury voting for the best. Since then, over the course of four editions, the Montmartre Dionysia has grown to produce thirty plays in two years.  Now, in 2015 & with a dedicated team, the festival is ready to establish itself as an international performing arts festival.

Festival 2016

Between 22nd & 27th March, at a number of venues centred around Montmartre, the festival will present a selection of the best new English-speaking works sourced locally & from abroad, as well as its own productions created through the Labs.  The festival will also offer a series of open workshops, talks & events facilitated by professional practitioners to encourage constructive exchange across cultures & crafts.

The Labs

The Labs are our own production house.  Operating throughout the year, they put together a small number of high-quality shows that are then presented during the festival.  They give an avenue to emerging artists to develop their work & facilitate cultural & artistic exchange among Paris-based practitioners.

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