LOGO Impro Academy

IMPRO ACADEMY, founded in 1999, is the improvisation school of the Improfessionals – the famous English-speaking impro theatre troupe in Paris. Seven teachers from 6 different countries offer weekly impro classes and special workshops, in both English and in French, for adults and kids. Whether it’s for stage purposes or for your personal pleasure, feel free to get involved.

THURSDAY 8pm: basics
SUNDAY 7pm: basics & advanced
Impro academy show pic with studentsIMPRO in FRENCH
MONDAY 8pm: impro lab (musical theatre, mask, storytelling, clown)
TUESDAY 8pm: Atelier perfectionnement
WEDNESDAY 2pm & 3.30pm: Ateliers FLOW – for kids
THURSDAY 10am: Les fondamentaux
THURSDAY 8pm: Les fondamentaux