caroline nincaroline nin show poster“Caroline Nin is a classic femme fatale, one who charms, intrigues and fills your imagination with a plethora of images, stories and memories through her mesmerizing personality.”

Miss Nin’s show “Hymne a Piaf” was awarded a prestigious 2012 Helpmann Award nomination for Best Cabaret Performer. (Story-telling is in English. Songs are in French.)

The show, “La Dietrich”, offers many of the songs that made the iconic Marlene famous around the world such as “Naughty Lola”, “Falling in love again” and “Lilli Marleen ” however Miss Nin brings to her audience a far more complex picture of the magnificently formed Dietrich. An independent German woman caught in the world politics of Hitler in the 1930′s and 1940′s.

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